UFC Championship Titles

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was an open weight tournament. Still, now, there are seven different championships according to weight division, as discussed below.

Light Heavyweight

Light heavyweight includes fighters who weigh between 186 and 205 lbs; the current champion is Jon Jones. Some big names in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) have held this title, for example, Frank Shamrock, and Tito Ortiz, among others.


Heavyweight fighters fall under the 206 to 265 lbs weight division. The current champion is Cain Velasquez, and he will defend it against Junior dos Santos on November 15. The heavyweight category was founded in 1997.


Georges St-Pierre is the current welterweight champion, and the participants of this competition weigh between 156 and 170 lbs. Welterweight has had great fighters such as Pat Miletich, who was the first to hold this title.


Fighters of this division have to weigh between 146 and 155 lbs. The current lightweight champion is Frankie Edgar. Lightweight is the most stacked title in MMA today, and Edgar will have a long history to defend it.


Middleweight fighters fall under the 171 to 185 lbs weight division, and Anderson Silva is the current champion. Many think this competition is weak, as Silva has made it look so. Also, other titleholders’ records are not so impressive.


Featherweight is among the newer divisions in the UFC, and eligible fighters fall in the 136 to 145 lbs weight division. Jose Aldo is the current featherweight champion. He is among the best MMA fighters and has been ranked as the third best fighter in the world.


Bantamweight is the entry-level division, and its fighters fall under the 126 to 135 lbs weight division. Dominic Cruz is the current bantamweight champion. This is a new division in the UFC and has a lot of potential in being among the top UFC competitions in the future.