Rules Regulating Ultimate Fighting Championship

Like any other sport, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has rules that regulate it. The competitors have a set of rules that govern their code of conduct and attire. There are also rules that regulate the size and type of cage that fighters use.

Rules Regulating UFC

There are three main rules that regulate UFC. These include rules that revolve around rounds, the type of cage used, and the type of uniform to be worn.

  • Rounds Regulation

Depending on the type of match, the UFC matches have different lengths. However, in all fights, the maximum length of each round is supposed to be five minutes, and the number of rounds in the Championship matches should not exceed five, and those of smaller fights should not exceed three. The fighters have a minute between the rounds to refresh and get advice from the coach.

  • Cage Regulation

During stage matches, the fights are held in a cage that has eight sides called “The Octagon.” There was a trademark on this type of enclosure, but this was lifted to allow other promotions in the mixed martial arts to use these types of cages. UFC uses cages with a fence, which is 6 feet high and a diameter of 30 feet, which is on an elevation of 4 feet. The cage is made of chain-link metal fence with two entrance and exit openings. Cages for other minor matches do not adhere to these guidelines; hence they are relatively small.

  • Uniform Regulation

Fighters do not wear shoes and use an approved type of shorts, and only female fighters are allowed to wear tops. Fighters are also allowed to wear gloves that are padded and a mouthguard to protect their teeth.

These are the main rules regulating UFC matches. There are also finer details of these rules. Fighters should adhere to these rules all the time. However, for smaller mixed martial arts events, the rules might change based on the jurisdiction.