Most Famous UFC Fighters

The UFC is known to have been graced by many fierce fighters. Several of them have greatly influenced and inspired future fighters throughout the generations. Over the years, the championship has witnessed famous fighters who have also proved to be the best in the business. Here are some of them.

Chuck Liddell

Chuck was a famous light heavyweight champion known to be one of the scariest fighters of his generation. He started his career in 1998 during UFC 17, and gradually fought all the way to the top. In fact, he brought MMA into American mainstream entertainment and sports. He triumphed in 21 of his 30 UFC career fights. And this was not all, as he also came out of retirement to fight his rival, Tito Ortiz, in a legendary battle which he lost.

Anderson Silva

Famously known as Spider, Anderson was a skillful mixed martial artist, and this made him a top fighter in the history of the UFC. Today (2019), his record stands at 34-10-1, and he has completed 45 career fights. Anderson is good at various martial arts disciplines, including Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Capoeira. The longest winning streak in UFC’s history is also credited to his name: 16 in total.

Brock Lesnar

Brock became a legend through WWE wrestling. From there, he decided to shift his attention to the UFC. Many thought that he could not succeed, but he came out as one of the most successful martial artists in the championship. He was once the tournament’s heavyweight champion.

Nate Diaz

This Mexican became famous not only for his UFC achievements but also for his accomplishments outside the tournament. He is one of the cruelest fighters in the UFC’s history. He never respected his rivals, and he was extremely ruthless in his fights. He would slap his opponents in what would look like a signature act which he used to undermine them and prove that he was the boss.