Mixed Martial Arts: New Passion In The World

For the millions of dollars and the millions of fans, today it seems that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a sporting modality that has existed forever. But the truth is that the UFC is quite recent since its birth was in the early 1990s. Since then, great UFC fans have formed around the world. People follow the sport in the media, but what have been the main elements that have made this passion attractive?

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts are one of the fastest-growing disciplines worldwide. Its creation came about through the combination of techniques such as judo, Olympic wrestling or other Asian wrestling sports. The UFC has become the leading exponent of mixed martial arts and has also picked up fighters from around the world who have incorporated these techniques. Although it seems very simple, the goal of mixed martial arts is also to defeat the opponent, leaving him immobilized. If not, there are rules to define the winner. However, in the UFC, there are many fights that are usually very short.

Television Influence

UFC would not exist if it were not for television. This sport is completely influenced by television broadcasts, which are sold for millions of dollars to television stations around the world. Since 1993, the UFC began to be broadcast by WOW Productions, which sold it to large networks such as HBO and Showtime. Since then, there was the first event, which was the UFC 1. Until today, the great UFC fights are broadcast on television, to the satisfaction of the majority of its audience.

Controversies and Changes

UFC has changed a lot since its foundation. Although at the beginning it was perceived as violent and with few differences with wrestling for the general public, the situation has changed. Given the claim of much of American society, with prominent senators such as John McCain, a reform began in the late 90s that created clear rules in the UFC.