How Did UFC Evolve?

UFC, a denotation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a company located in Las Vegas and specializes in promoting martial arts of the American mixed form. The William Morris Endeavor, the largest MMA promoter in the world is its parent company. It owns and operates UFC. You will find the highest-level fighters featured on its roster. But how did UFC come about? This question may linger on your mind and those of many others. Here is an insight into the UFC’s evolution.

The Formation of UFC

The idea came from the video series dubbed as “Gracies in Action”. It featured the Gracie family members who defeated other martial arts proponents. Out of this act, the inspiration to create a super tournament involving different martial arts developed to a confident Gracie student and businessman called Art Davie. On internalizing the idea and finding it worth a trial, he pitched it to Rorion Gracie. The idea got set on stage after Rorion took it to John Milius, the American screenwriter.

During its first implementation, fighters came from anywhere and did not act on any well-stipulated rules. They were only to refrain from gouging each other’s eyes and biting. There were no referee stoppages or limited fighting time. But despite the time freedom, no warrior could afford to fight more than four minutes and 18 seconds because of lack of gloves. The fighters got paid $1,000 per person while the winner scooped a whole $50k.

From UFC1 to the latest, strict rules have evolved attributed to different nasty occurrences during the fight. For example, the referee stoppages got introduced after Smith beat Morris unconsciously during UFC2. The government also got involved after John McCain, who regarded the UFC tournaments as “human cockfighting” requested for its ban. It is then that the state athletic commissions got involved and formatted the UFC’s rules to make it what it is today.